Computer Bays

Computer training is the obvious choice but don’t stop there. How about a focus group of customers all using and critiquing your company’s Web site? A software company showing prospective clients their product?  Or a group of your employees being trained at once on new company software? The options are endless.
  • VT440: 901 square feet; seating capacity: 24
  • VT450: 901 square feet; seating capacity: 24

Each computer lab is equipped with the following hardware:

Lenovo computers with a 22” flat panel monitor
DVD Multi Recorder Drives
Office 2010
3 Ghz Intel Core 2 Quad processor
8 Gigabytes of memory (RAM)
7200 RPM hard disk
The instructor station podium includes a desktop computer, laptop connection, a VHS/DVD and a doc-camera, all connected to the data projector mounted in the ceiling. Portable plasma screens can be connected to the Internet and used as a facilitation or instructional tool.  Each room also includes a flipchart and markers.
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  • VisTaTech Floor Plan
  • VisTaTech 440
  • VisTaTech 450
  • Computer Lab